Boy-ology (Types of Guys)

Written By: Adil Hussain
Men are a very weird species (whoever came up with the sentence ‘Men are from Mars’, couldn’t have been more right). I personally believe that men aren’t just from Mars, but from all sorts of planets all over the Universe, with each one of them being extremely different from the other. Although most of them look and dress a lot alike, but there are different things going on in each and everyone’s mind.
Once you get to know some guy better you can easily see them falling into one of these categories
The Liberal Guy Jealousy is not one of his character traits, doesn’t matter if you’re not just talking but also spending time with another man, he isn’t worried at all. As long as you come to him at the end of the day, he is yours for the keeping. Most girls start to believe that he isn’t into you because he isn’t possessive about you but that isn’t the case, you should be happy that he has given you your freedom, use it wisely.
The Possessive Guy – He will stick to you harder and quicker than you can say ‘Elfy’, he is extremely jealous for your attention and won’t even stand it if you look at another guy let alone say ‘hi’ to him. He wants to know where you are at all times, who you’re talking to, why you are talking to them, what you are talking about. Most girls don’t like this trait in a guy but what they fail to realize is that he is only this much possessive about you because he loves you so much and wants to know each and every detail about you.
The Career-Oriented Guy – This kind of guy is sharp, he is way too much into his work/career. He spends more time with his work than he does with you. To him work always comes first and he will even cancel a meeting/date with you if something at work comes up. Instead of being disappointed with this attitude of his, support him because one day he will be a success and you’ll be reaping all the benefits *wink*.
The Paranoid Guy – This kind of guy thinks a lot, his mind is the devils workshop. He will try to deduce any and everything based upon your actions and lead to a conclusion which will always make you say ‘WHAT!’  He will make you regret everything that you do and make your life a living hell. He is extremely suspicious and spending more time with him is only going to make it harder for the two of you. Unless you can assure him that you aren’t up to something fishy and take my word for it ‘Never lie to him’ his suspicious nature will always catch you if you do and it’ll ruin your relationship with him.
The Joker Guy – Everything is a joke to him, you’ll say ‘I love you’ he will say ‘I love me too’. You would want to get romantic he will tell that time he went to the zoo. This kind of guy doesn’t want to grow up, he is a kid and he loves it that way. He needs a mama more than he needs a girlfriend. Don’t be disappointed if you have the ‘Joker’ guy, just enjoy the time that you have with him, you won’t stay a kid forever, enjoy it (your youth) while it lasts.
The Bluffer Guy – According to him he was given the chance to run Pakistan but he refused because he had to focus on his studies, Karolina Kurkova approached him for a date but he didn’t like her belly (its missing a bellybutton), he climbed Mount Everest but no one was there to document it. This kind of guy has some serious ego issues. If you’re with him just agree with everything he says and you might live happily ever after.
The Metrosexual Guy – He spends more time dressing up than you do. He will ask you ‘How do I look’ even before you do. Rest assure he is not gay (or if he is then sooner or later you’ll find out anyway). Be happy he will take you shopping and make sure that you buy the best outfit (yea he’ll ask the same from you as well).
The Low Self esteem Guy – He is shy, doesn’t want to go out with you, doesn’t want to meet any of your friends, and keeps telling you that ‘you shouldn’t be with me, I’m not worth you’. Don’t blame him or yourself, that’s just the way he is, just be nice to him, he needs that more than you do.
The Cheap Guy – He keeps track of which one of you called last time, makes sure that both of you pay the bill 50/50 and doesn’t spend too much on gifts for you (that is if he buys you any). My advice to you is to just tell him from time to time how your friend’s guy bought her so many things, eventually it’ll get to him and probably he’ll change this habit of his. If it doesn’t then that’s even better, in the long run he’ll make the two of you save a lot of money on stuff.
The Bossy Guy – He just wants to be in charge of everything. He is even worse than the boss you work for, as you get paid to be bossed around by him. Being in command is his thing and most girls have a thing for that. If you don’t then major changes need to be made.
If your guy falls into these categories then now you know how to handle the situation however, if he doesn’t than he is probably from some other planet from a Universe far far away.
The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not necessarily coincide with those of Team Pink.

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