Alexandra Stan – Thanks For Leaving

Alexandra Stan is making her comeback in the limelight through a new song named “Thanks For Leaving” produced by Alex Cotoi and Sebastian Jacome. The song is all about about new beginnings, about the power of choice, our strongest weapon, built on wit and character. We have to find the courage to be strong and move forward, searching for the a better future, self discovery and independence.
The video was directed by Khaled Mokhtar and is the fourth episode of the short film “Thanks For Leaving“, presenting the outcome of the story – the end of a relationship that brings with it the promise of a new beginning. The message conveyed is that in each and every lifetime there are persons we have to learn to let go and be thankful for their departure, even if in the middle of the storm it seemed that they might be your soulmates.
“When we wrote the song, I realised that people will understand what I went through and my desire to fight for a better life. I wanted ‘Thanks For Leaving’ to be the first track after this short musical break and I’m very happy that I had the chance of communicating all these feelings and emotions through this production”, confessed Alexandra.

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