Worst 5 Fashion Trends

Written By: Kiran Jangda
Fashion is indeed a filthy business. Look at what people are trying to pass off as supposedly “international fashion trends”. These days it is absurd; just because its “branded” or designer wear does not make it chic. Models who look good wearing it doesn’t make the trend acceptable. How can women compare themselves with models and think, “oh, if she can pull it off then so can I” they are models for crying out loud. Everyone looks good with a size zero body, crazy hairdo, excessive make up and cameras flashing on them. Today we talk about the worst fashion trends inflicted upon womankind in the last decade:
1. Wearing tights as pants: yes, tights are more comfortable as opposed to skinny but there are times when you MUST choose fashion over comfort, for the sake of your own well being and as well as others.
2. Worn-out jeans: Why someone is willing to pay money, A LOT of money for jeans that look like they’ve been worn by laborers and miners is beyond me. Its sad how people can be so naïve and follow every irrational ludicrous trend out there just to “fit in”.
3. Harem Pants: We should learn to let go , there are certain things that should remain in the past ! Harem pants are one of those things, history shouldn’t repeat itself. Well, in most cases anyway.
4. Silly Bands: Colorful rubber bands shaped in various animals and toys. Worn by adults, teenagers and endorsed by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker. I think why this vogue is a disaster is self-explanatory.
5. Skirts over Pants: There are really no words to describe how truly atrocious this looks; these two things were never meant to be worn together, there are certain rules that are not meant to be broken, this is one of them, no exceptions!

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