Who Will Do the Heart-Breaking — Kendall Jenner or Harry Styles?
We can all thank Brody Jenner for confirming that his step-sister Kendall Jenner is, in fact, dating Taylor Swift’s sloppy seconds One Directioner Harry Styles.
Brody talked about the budding relationship in an interview with the New York Daily News recently and even had a hypothesis on how the romance would end — since there’s no way Hendall will ever last, right?
Here’s what Brody had to say:

“I hate to tell you this, but Kendall will be doing the heart-breaking. I’m sure she’s having a fun time with him. She has a very level head, great head on her shoulders. But they are both so young.”

It is hard to believe these hot young stars will live happily ever after, but his remarks also got us thinking about who would actually be the dumper. Do you agree with Brody? Is Kendall destined to shatter the boy bander’s heart?

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