Top 10 Things Your Girlfriend or Wife Is Really Thinking When She Says "It's Fine"

Let’s just be honest here. When a woman says she is “fine” she is usually but do not worry, you will not have to deal with our passive aggressiveness any longer, for we have come up with a list of the many definitions of “it’s fine.”
Now don’t think you’re woman is a saint and always tells you the truth because let me tell you something, we all lie at times because we don’t want to be annoying.
Here is a list of what it means in certain scenarios if you get the dreaded answer. 
If she says “it’s fine” when you…
1. Tell her you are going out with the guys on a Saturday, instead of spending time with her.

Translation: She is thinking “am I not fun?” and “Why doesn’t he want to be with me” and will plan a revenge trip out with the girlfriends and act like something amazing happened, though it just be a made up story. She will probably do something to make you a tad jealous.

2. Have to do something else and can’t help her with an errand.

She will be angry later, and if you do not compliment her on how wonderful of a multi-tasker she is, do not expect anything or ANY later.

3. Insist upon going to one restaurant, instead of the one she wants to go to.

She is annoyed, she had already planned on what she wanted to order or to tell her girlfriends about her experience. When going out to eat, it goes beyond just “going out to eat”. She always has other things planned before, during and after.

4. Can’t help with the dishes or any household chores.

“Well then next time, I won’t cook for you and you can do your own laundry, buster.”

5. Ask her if you look presentable or if the outfit is appropriate for the occasion you both are attending.

She doesn’t care what you look like, she wants you to tell her how beautiful she looks.

6. Didn’t call her back.

She doesn’t get how she isn’t on your mind, when you are constantly on hers.

7. Couldn’t show up for a work dinner, family gathering or anything involving others.

You humiliated her, and she thought she had explained to you how important the event was to her, but reemphasizing seems useless.

8. Tell her something “came up” and you can’t make it to the other plans you two had planned for a while.

Her feelings are hurt and you’ve really disappointed her.  She may also be thinking of one of her girlfriend’s boyfriends who would “never do this” to her.

9. Take her somewhere and you ask her what she thinks of it and replies “it’s fine.”

One of her girlfriend’s boyfriends took her somewhere nicer, or she can’t believe you would think she would like it. She also maybe starting to wonder if you know her at all.

10. Ask how her day was.

She has a horrible day and doesn’t want to talk about it. Give her a drink and she will be fine.

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