Top 10 Things A Woman Should Do When It's That Time of the Month

Ladies! We all hate it when its “that time” of the month..However, we decided to write a list so that you have something to look forward to! Here is a list of when its your time of the month it’s time to…
1. Write a letter to the government, complaining about any law that is bothering you. It’s no secret that girls get a little “angrier” when that time comes…might as well start a revolution!
2. Eat as much chocolate as humanly possible, for this is the only time of the month you’re allowed to get away with it and go crazy! Try everything you normally avoid.
3. Get out of anything sexual that you are just not in the mood for. Think of it as your “get out of jail free” card.
4. Wear sweatpants and not care who is judging you.
5. Call your girlfriends and meet for breakfast, only make it a “bitch-fest”. Make mimosas, eggs, pancakes….a delicious breakfast in which you can complain about whatever you want.
6. Instead of a shower, finally take the time to have a bubble bath and drink a fine glass of  tea or yogurt drink (lassi).
7. Finally take up that boxing class you’ve always wanted to take. It will let out some aggression and work off all that chocolate you ate.
8. Watch any guilty pleasure show you’ve been avoiding and be shameless about it.
9. Blast Alanis Morisette and sing terribly. The hairbrush is your microphone. The walls are your audience. No one needs to know.
10. Take advantage of how much bigger your boobs get, and go out and flirt a little. Never know who you’re gonna meet!

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Fatimah July 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm

this is so lame and embarrasingg


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