Priyanka Chopra is India’s social networking queen

With over a million followers on Twitter, and over two million on Facebook, Bollywood’s social networking queen Priyanka Chopra says she feels loved and that these platforms do not just bring her a step closer to her fans, but also helps her in getting direct feedback.
“Social networking is a great way to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world, to understand what people are thinking, discussing, doing etc. It’s also a great way to get real feedback about my work,” said Chopra.
The 28-year-old former beauty queen is quite a hit on the web, and says it’s a “great feeling”.
“I feel much loved. I don’t see it as some sort of feat that has been achieved… it’s not about the numbers for me, it’s about connecting with people from all over the globe, from all walks of life. I like to interact on these platforms and I’m just glad that I have such a large circle of people that I can connect with on a regular basis… with no one in between,” she said.

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