Miley Cyrus Shows Off At EMA's 2013

Miley Cyrus was just being Miley at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam Sunday night.
The scandalous star managed to twerk, smoke onstage, kiss a human robot, change a few times, and stick her tongue out over the course of the show. All in a night’s work.
Check out her highlights from the EMAs:
When She Wore Next to Nothing. She forgot her pants but she did not forget her gold belt for her “Wrecking Ball” performance. Check out this outfit — if you can even call it that. (At least her arms were warm.)

When She Wore Rappers on Her Butt. Before the show even started, Cyrus made a splash on the red carpet in a rather unique dress that paid tribute to late rap legends Tupac and Notorious BIG. Try not to stare at her boots too long or else you might get dizzy.
Here’s a shot from the front:

And their faces covered her butt, too. At least the dress had a positive message: “Please stop violence.” Obviously Miley is going to change the world one extraordinarily skimpy dress at a time.

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