Jason Derulo – Marry Me

Jason Derulo has tapped into his personal life for many of the tracks on his latest album, Tattoos. And with his latest music video, Derulo puts his personal life on the screen with a very personal costar: his girlfriend Jordin Sparks.
“Marry Me” gives us an intimate look at the two in intimate scenarios under a golden light: frolicking in bed, cuddling, in a candle lit bath and in the midst of a proposal. While Derulo’s muse has lead him creatively to create an album entirely about a relationship (his own), clearly his marketing campaign has lead him to tap into the public curiosity about the personal lives of celebrities.
Instead of creating a universal video that taps into the idea of marriage as a communally joyful experience (like Kelly Clarkson in her “Tie It Up” video), Derulo gives us a glimpse into his own personal life — or does he? The intimacy here as is staged as the lighting: it’s beautiful to look at but ultimately only window dressing.
Real or marketing, Derulo’s proposal is marked accepted by the giant diamond ring on Sparks’ finger near the video’s close, with great product placement for jeweler Michael C. Fina.

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