Interview with Goher Mumtaz

Interviewed By: Jiya
Q1. Tell us what does GM studioz stand for you in your music career?
Ans. Well this whole setup is basically for Jal’s own album first and then my next priority are other artists. I am not looking at GM studioz as a future career, as 8 years back my passion was to come in music field to fulfill my childhood dream and making a band without thinking that it will become my career one day, similarly this is something new that I wanted to setup which doesn’t require any futuristic approach for my partial profession but yes it could be as successful as my music career as I dedicate myself completely to whatever I do. I have been collecting and buying the equipments for last 2 years and I thought now it’s about time to launch it.
Q2. Will you be doing the mixing and recording yourself for the bands and singers?
Ans. Yes, I will be producing and doing mixes for artists. Technical staff will be there where artists have to record instruments and vocals etc. Then recording engineers will take care of them as different guitar and bass players have different dynamics and same goes for singers. So you have to set up everything according to the tone and dynamics of a particular singer. A good mix always depends upon how good you record vocals and other instruments. Production requires choosing the right instruments and designing the sound of those instruments.
Q3. What are the instruments facilities provided to a band/singer at your studios?
Ans. I had to buy a ‘no compromise’  equipment which can be easily seen by the viewers at GM studioz website but the real task is to create those productions which people could love to listen to. Great mix depends upon great equipment and technique which can make a huge difference.
Q4. Do you want to make change in our music industry through GM studioz?
Ans. It has been 3 years since I have been producing music and I feel it a responsibility to make a major change and contribution in our music industry through my studios. A musical revolution needs a stage to create and perform it and with GM studioz, I aim such a musical revolution. Furthermore, the interior and equipment of the studios provides an ambience that has never been experienced before. I personally feel that the ideas and sounds that is required or is in the mind of  band members can only be delivered out 100% when they have the choice to sit on the mixes by themselves.
Q5. What is the source of inspiration for all your work for you?
Ans. My heart. It has so many different feelings which give birth to lot of lyrics and compositions which I didn’t even know about. I know it’s quite strange but that is how it works for me.
Q6. What can your fans expect from Jal in the coming months?
Ans. We are working on the next album’s arrangements and damping the rough compositions in the studio. It will be out in 4 to 6 months. . INSHALLAH. Rest we will continue with tours and concerts within and out of Pakistan.
Q7. If you could sum up your life in a bumper sticker, what would it say?
Ans. Keep distance.
Q8. Do you think the youth of today relates to music?
Ans. Yes, I believe our youth follows music keenly and it does have a deep effect on their thinking and personalities. I personally think that the type of music one listens to tells a lot about that person’s personality and attitude.
Q9. How much has our music industry changed over the span of 5 years?
Ans. Our music scene has changed drastically within the last 5 years. More exposure through newer channels and more singing contests has given birth to a variety of talent in our industry. Our music is being appreciated beyond borders and the maturity our industry has gained is obvious through the many music award ceremonies that take place now in Pakistan.
Q10. Define your music and relate it with your own self?
Ans. My music is the language of a normal guy or girl’s heart. They can easily relate themselves to this easy-going, simple but deep music and lyrics. It’s already being related to what you have experienced or observed during when I met my friends and people.
Q11. We grow up dreaming about a lot of goals, have you achieved all of yours?
Ans. By the grace of ALLAH yes, I wanted to be successful and a long lasting artist in music field which is really really hard. I’m totally satisfied but it’s a never-ending craving which always forces me to do more. So I don’t think I’m done with it.
Q12. Would you want to encourage our next generation to become musicians?
Ans. Yes, but first concentrate on your studies then if you believe that you have the potential to create great music, do venture into it. Find your interest and opt for it.
Q13. Any message for all of your fans?
Ans. Appreciate those who are interested in music or its technical work. My fans are much mature now but always aim for that which you think you will do justice to  and devote yourself to it whole-heartedly.
Q14. Any message for Pink magazine and its readers?
Ans. Magazines like Pink are a great platform for our youth and upcoming talents and such magazines and talents should be appreciated. Reading is a very important thing so keep that constructive habit going in you.

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