In The Light Of Fundamental Rights

Written by: Nazish Raees
My piece of writing may not contain official statements to prove anything but, it is purely based on feelings that many people feel yet cannot convey to others just because they take these feelings for granted. I am not a professional writer but a simple person with simple, understandable yet unspoken words. The words that cover large volumes of mind portions of the many among us. My desire is to make everyone understand the real worth of one’s self.
When we are born, we are not tagged; we do not have our own identity. We continue our growth and development of our mind and body as well, we continue learning new things. We are taught about our relations, the worldly names given to such relations including parents, siblings and other relatives. We are taught about our culture (a circle comes that proves to be a resistance in our way of understanding and learning). We act according to the set of rules (many of those are the baseless realities), which are a compulsion in our culture and without, then we are nothing that is; we are not suitable for being a part of our culture. Again, to secure our identity ‘we do as directed by our cultures’… Here I am not taunting or neither criticizing any culture because as a part of my society I do not get a right to do so, nor anybody else’s culture possesses any right to harass other culture/s. In this war of culture and identity we forget that what do we want exactly.
The circumstances and the situations that all come our way; we are tagged to our culture as being ‘the cultural representatives’… Race, sex, ethnicity, religion and color should NOT guide us in constructing our identity as a whole, rather it should be our own will. A person when born is free, does not belong to any nation, religion or culture, he is free from any kind of national, ideological or cultural boundary in constructing himself, that is, his identity…
Identity is not what our culture or ideology gives us, it is what we reflect from our selves. No any culture or religion misguides anybody so what is the reason of inter civilization and inter cultural disputes… The more we are stepping ahead towards new age, the more we are stepping back from the world of morality.

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Faisal Sivia June 15, 2010 at 5:51 am

ur writings r pretty gud……..but u need to norish ur knowledge more….it will polish ur style…..remember…..reading is to mind as exercise to body……..!
keep it up…..
i like it

faizan haider September 8, 2010 at 2:41 am

well said….

Ashar February 24, 2011 at 2:14 am

gud.. must write in ur own style..


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