I am Sorry

Written by: Alina Naghman
We often offend people either with our words or acts and end up hurting our dear ones. In the modern world, I have noticed how ‘sorry’ is the most difficult word to utter. It requires courage and a big heart. Even a 3 year old refuses to say sorry and be the first one to end a kiddy fight.Just say I am sorry.
We fail to realize that offering an apology is not a sign of weakness. Rather it gives you the power to mend relationships, dissolve anger, soothe shattered pride and actually stand above all as a sincere human being.
A successful apology involves acknowledgement of your fault, regret and responsibility for the offense and a willingness to save the damaged relations.
Sometimes, in an attempt to make the other person realize, we in reciprocal anger, unintentionally say things that can worsen a situation. Thus, it is important to realize the significance of offering a sincere apology only by saying ‘I am sorry’ and it’s not as easy as it may appear.
Often times, it is quite possible that both of us are at fault. Nevertheless, one has to make the first move and by doing so we make it easier for the other person to apologize as well. Saying sorry could also be a matter of ego, the brainless ego that separates different financial classes. Do we ever say sorry to our maids if we walked over the wet floor she just mopped? Do we say sorry to beggars after orally hurting them? Do we say sorry to gate keepers when we misbehave with them because they didn’t let us out for our won safety? Do we even feel the need to say sorry to make this world a more peaceful place to live in?
‘Sorry’ has the ultimate power to restore even the most deeply wounded relations. It might as well turn foes into friends and its absence can turn friends into foes. Another reason why people hesitate to say sorry is an impending question. “Will the apology be accepted?” We assume a negative response but, Hey! We should all take comfort in the fact that we have done our part and should hope that the other person will eventually come around. A hearty ‘sorry’ can resolve personal problems. Let’s acquire personal peace whilst waiting for world peace that demands a bigger Sorry!!

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