Get ready for Fashion Pakistan Week!

The Karachi-based fashion council will be conducting its fourth three-day Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW4) starting today (Sunday), where designers from across the country will showcase their Fall/Winter collections. As the council readies itself for four days of fashion fever, Pink catches up with a few designers about their mantra and runway collections.
Nida Tapal for Delphi Classic
Delphi Classic — a line of Delphi — was launched in 1994 and is known for its dedication to the antique craft of crochet. Transforming this hand-woven silk crochet into a unique flexible fabric is what the label takes pride in. “Each Delphi ensemble is created from its own hand-woven silk crochet which instantly allows people to recognise it wherever it is seen — this is what sets Delphi apart from its contemporaries,” said Nida Tapal. “Since it was revamped in 2010, Delphi has attained spiraling success and recognition; the designers now feel they are ready to showcase their exquisite creations to a wider audience.”
Maimoona Arshad for Maimoona H
A label created by Maimoona Arshad, Maimoona H has no boundaries when it comes to experimenting with different styles and designs. Creating a perfect blend of simplicity and intricacy in designs, Maimoona’s objective is to make a bold yet beautiful outfit, which stands out amongst a million.
“My collection ‘Last Night’ is basically a western take on eastern wear — it’s luxury prêt wear. Garments directly borrowed from one’s closet are fused into an eclectic mix of alluring dresses,” she said, in regard to the collection she will be showcasing at FPW. “The colour palette combines strong dark shades with elegant and pure luxury fabrics such as silk, chiffon and French lace.”
Misha Lakhani
Misha Lakhani made her debut at the PFDC L’oreal Paris Bridal Week earlier this month in Lahore. “The theme of the Autumn/Winter 2012 ready-to-wear collection is the same as my bridal one — a ‘Colonial Transgression’. The idea behind the collection was fusing old India with an international style. I love mixing different fabrics and textures — something that’s very new with something old which feels like it had another life before,” she said. “Playing with masculine and feminine styles is a big part of my aesthetic, so that comes through. I’ve also introduced embellished clutches, discharge printing and a different kind of cutwork in this collection.”
Nabeela Adeel for Nargis Hafeez
Nargis Hafeez, a brand by Nabeela Adeel, depicts a traditional sense of style in its designs when it comes to bridal wear due to the incorporation of vibrant colours.
“Our inspiration for this collection is antique work — we are working on revival of old crafts so the embellishments used, reflect an era gone by. However our, cuts are modern so the outfits do not resemble the ‘60’s or ‘70’s theme; rather the cuts are relevant and wearable today,” Adeel said about her upcoming collection at FPW. “Our lengths vary from short and trendy, to mid-length, with large shalwars, churidaars and palazzo pants. The colours are traditional but we have also added a few blacks as no winter wardrobe is complete without them.”
Sanam Chaudhri
Sanam Chaudhri is appreciated for her aesthetic sense of style when it comes to fashion. At FPW, she plans on introducing a collection inspired by shibori — a Japanese tie-dye technique. “Kage jumpstarts a timeless fantasy with a rebel thread. Inspired by shibori, the new collection is edgy as it features bold hues of indigoes and whites spun around shades of burnt orange, fiery red and black. Kage echoes of a purer age whilst marching to an electric beat,” she said, about what the audience should expect.
“There is an irreverent attitude along with a refined confidence in the woman who wears Kage when it comes to defining her shoulders and hips. Combining casual and refined textures, from cotton to satin, this line holds an international appeal as it also contains kimono jackets, cowl-harem pants, and hakama-inspired skirts and trousers,” she added. “Pieces for more fashion-forward people include bustiers, wraps, capes and obi belts. Therefore Kage suits a range of occasions, but one woman specifically — the one who rocks her own world.”

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