Bipasha Basu's Film 'Aatma' Gives Her Nightmares

 confesses that the promotional tours of her upcoming film “” are giving her sleepless nights as she is being forced to face her fears and visit haunted places.
“I really have to admit it honestly that I am having totally sleepless nights. But now during the promotions (of ‘Aatma’) so much is being discussed, like face your fears, go to the haunted places, do this and that.
So definitely I am scared a lot. So I am not able to sleep these days,” the 34-year-old said here Wednesday in an interview.
While much is being said about Bipasha doing a slew of horror films like “Raaz” and “Raaz 3”, Bipasha herself admits that even she was in no mood to do a supernatural film now.
However, after director Suparn Verma narrated the script, she could not say no.
“I never thought that I will be a part of ‘Aatma’. He (Suparn) has been a really good guy. Every time he wanted to make a film, he wanted to cast me. But unfortunately, it never worked out. But when I met him, I knew that I didn’t want to do a supernatural film,” Bipasha said.
“But when he narrated the story to me, it was so entertaining and my character of ‘Maya’ was so amazing and the emotional drama in the film was so good. Definitely, it has gone a way higher on the execution level. But I was just floored. If you could just wear my shoes, you would understand why I have done this film,” she added.
“Aatma” also stars  and hits theatres March 22.

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