Bipasha Basu Locks Herself In Room

It seems that Bengal cracker Bipasha Basu is dealt with a serious case of paranoia.
Bips who is usually quite a sport when it comes to interacting with people was scared out of her wits when she spotted a thronging mass of fans right outside a jewelery store she came to launch in Bangalore.
An eyewitness reported that no sooner did she see the crowd Bipasha rushed into the storeroom and locked herself in. She refused to come out outside unless she was provided with more security.
Talking to a Pink, a source said, “There were 25 bouncers at the venue already and the event was running late. But the actress absolutely refused to step out unless they arranged for more security, which obviously put the organizers in bit of a jam.”
The event was not just delayed but even cut short. The organizers, apparently were quite helpless and could do little but provide her with what she wanted.
“The event venue wasn’t that big and nobody really anticipated such crowds. Thankfully, by the end of it, all things were sorted,” said the source.

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