Being Democratic

Written By: Nazish Raees
There had been a time when we give just a rupee or two to a beggar now the situation is quiet different… That is because at that time one rupee was worth a lot. The present scenario of donating anything ( for instance money in cash ) if we give one rupee to a beggar , this is another thing that we will think a thousand times , in return instead of receiving blessings we will get our money back. This shameful situation might be faced by many of us , here i do not want to pin point any particular locality or region. It is a face that currently we are living in a technological and remote control world but the major dilemma is that ‘WE’ are deceiving ourselves , I do not accept this remote control world where instead of using things, technologies, gadgets and other man made accessories or instruments we are using people on the basis of money , authority or power.
Even today a beggar , before begging , composes himself, for instance, it was my observation , once i stopped at a signal nearby my car was a beggar already awaiting for the signal to turn red. He was disable and i felt so much pity, as soon as other cars stopped there, the act which he did at first was to fold his trouser in such a way that his half cut leg was clearly visible. I was confused between the two feelings that were constantly coming to my mind, one was of sympathy and the other was of condemn. How can one be so helpless that he does such acts of pretentiousness for others’ sympathy and just some coins. It is the self esteem that matters but what my lands’ conditions is forcing the ‘have not’ people , to sell each and everything for just a few coins. I am not condemning the beggar’s way of acquiring money but the financial crises of Pakistan that allowed him to do such acts. Terrorism, forced begging, children selling etc, these all are the outcomes of the experiments that are being performed with the financial system of our country…
If I talk about any state the lives of peoples are directly connected with the higher identity or the government, governments play a very important role in creating or reducing the ‘gap’ which is (or) created between the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’. The beggar was just an example , there are many other cases that make us feel so pitiful and condemn at the same time. The system is the main problem. Since 1947 Pakistan saw (experienced) democracy as well as authoritarian ship , but it had been always lingering between the two. Main cause is the implementation of the policies, rules and laws. Even a lame Pakistani does not know 20 out of 30 basic rights that should be given to every one. Is this we call ‘Illiteracy’ or ‘Unawareness’? Whether we have democracy (theoretically) we are doing or acting as we are being directed or dictated, the greatest example of which is that we are just informed of the things happening with or within our state which our higher authorities want us to know , then , why is this Democracy for? For tagging ourselves being Democrats.

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