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I'm a leo. B| That defines alot about me.. I'm an outgoing, fun to be around person, who's also a great advisor.. I'm particularly attached to the word "Bananas" Although in real I hate them x) I'm a born actor,writer,artist,and comedian LOL. Ik how to bring a smile on that dull sulking face of yours Yo! :D So yeah long story I'm "Awesome and you all know it" (; I love blogging since it helps me fulfill my inner voice i.e.. "Bringing A Positive Change In The Society" .; no matter how small it is.. cause hey! I did my share not my fault if you peeps ain't listening B| So hang in there folks! Cause with me and my blogs it's gonna be "Legend.. #ANDIHOPEYOU'RENOTLACTOSEINTOLERANTCAUSETHENEXTWORDIS DAIRY!"