Noori's BIY Label Exposed?

Does Noori Only Believe In Itself?
The Pakistani band Noori launched “Believe In Yourself” (BIY Records) a year ago. The first and only band that was signed to that label was the Pakistani indie rock band Qayaas.
We were recently approached by a source inside the Qayaas camp telling us that the label is a fake. Noori used it to market itself. Noori did not spend any money towards anything at all nor promote the album nor held a show for Qayaas. Qayaas band had to purchase and make their album cover, band posters, and even had to distribute its own album throughout Pakistan.
Furthermore, the insider also revealed that Noori was tensed when Qayaas won the Jack Daniel award and it felt Qayaas more of a threat then a regular band. That is the main reason it had decided to re-banded and recruit some good musicians for live session such as Faraz Anwar and Zeeshan Perwez.
The insider added that Noori should change the label name from BIY (Believe In Yourself) to DIY (Do It Yourself). It’s also noticed that BIY logo is missing on the 2nd batch of Qayaas cd’s that were distributed later on by the band itself.
Calls to the Noori camp were not returned, as they are currently performing in the United States under a culture exchange program.
We also wonder why Ali Jafri is not in Noori anymore? Was he just used to promote the reunion and then let go?

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