Meet the Seacrest of Pakistan

As Ali Zaidi walks into the room, he’s surrounded by people who listen to his radio station and agents dying to get interviews with him for thier clients. No introduction is ever needed because everyone already knows who he is. However, for those who are in the dark about his accomplishments, we’ve put it all together in a page.
Ali Zaidi is the founder of Pakistan’s first online 24/7 music channel. He is mainly known for being the mastermind behind the successful music project of, which is one of the top Pakistani music websites on the internet.His radio channel has a wide variety of listeners from different countries and six continents.
Ali has also hosted a few events and concerts in USA. He is considered one of the most important people when it comes to promoting and marketing brands, artist, and events. He is always the one sponsors call to promote thier events. After promoting several successful concerts, Mr. Zaidi has become a well known name in the South Asian American music industry. Along with promoting, he has also modeled for numerous companies and brands in Chicago.
Aside from that, Ali is also a radio disk jockey who worked for Asian Broadcasting Networkand Desichill Radio, before moving to PMC Radio. Ali has turned the airwaves on fire! With his show ‘FM 121’ ! He’s fixed a place for himself and earned his title in the South Asian American music industry. He is often known and compared as the Ryan Secrest of Pakistan by his listeners and fans due mainly to his hard work and dedication towards promoting South Asian music and culture in America.
Also, if you already did not note, Ali is the brains behind Pink Magazine which features not only Pakistani and Indian talent, but American talent as well. Pink is linked up with many American artist management companies.

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