Lady Gaga Is Naked In New ‘ARTPOP’ Photo

Lady Gaga’s Twitter bio reads, “This interface has been shutdown temporarily.” However, Lady Gaga shows that she’s operating at full speed for her fourth studio effort ARTPOP. The latest proof: a new promo shot, in which she only wears booties and futuristic frames.
Mother Monster wears more in this new photo than in other recent appearances. In a V shoot by Inez & Vinooth, she places her hands directly over her breasts and vagina. In her first ARTPOP photo, she appears to only be wearing an oblong face mask. In her new photo Gaga crosses her arms and legs strategically, yet the nudity itself pales in comparison to her props: an armchair of what appears to be motherboards, computer chips and hard drive disks; plus frames with wires that extend to Gaga’s temples and hair.
What could this all have to do with ARTPOP? We hope to find out soon, preferably when Lady Gaga debuts her new single at this year’s MTV VMAs. For now, check out the entire shot after the jump.

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