India Unveils $35 Solar Powered Computer

Think you’re new computer was a little too costly? India agrees, which is why they have revealed a $35 computer prototype as a means to providing connectivity amongst students and teachers.
The computer is said to run on solar power and a variation of Linux. While it has no internal storage, it allows the user to store data on a memory card. It employs a Web browser, built in word processor, and video conferencing.
The country’s human resource development minister ,Kapil Sibal, showed off this new prototype in New Delhi on Thursday. They are hoping that the connectivity it brings will promote education goals and boost literacy rates in India.
“The aim is to reach such devices to the students of colleges and universities, and to provide these institutions a host of choices of low-cost access devices around Rs 1,500 ($35) or less in [the] near future,” said the human resources ministry at the computer’s launch.
Apparently, the ministry is expecting the price of the computer to fall from $35 to just ten dollars! The computer is rumored to be released as early as next year.

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