Exclusive Interview With Cascada

Interviewed By: Ali Zaidi
How does it feel to be standing on this peak point of greatest achievement?
Well I try to honestly not think about it too much. It´s definitely amazing, but life and work just carries on as usual:)
Your recent tour, which is still in process, is for the latest album called Evacuate the Dancer, how is it coming along?
We´ve been performing in many countries such as the US, Scandinavia, Germany and the UK and it´s been going really well. We have lovely fans in all of these place who always make going on stage a real pleasure.
This recent album has major dance and pop songs, could you tell us a little about the album?
I guess it´s a mixture out of dance/electro and popmusic- we started years ago with a certain style but with time decided to evolve a little. There are songs on there that remind you more of Everytime we touch, but also going in the direction of Evacuate the dancefloor. Some tracks, like Why you had to leave have more of a house sound even, where Breathless has rock influences.
How is your international tour experience so far?
Great! I can never complain about where we work, but there are some things that happen that are out of our control like this ash cloud. We were stuck in Canada because of it and when you´re on such a tight schedule, these things can really mess up your plans!
What does this album means for each of you?
You know, every album represents many, many hours of writing, recording and brainstorming- all mixed with lots of emotional experiences. So I guess I can answer for Yanou, Manian and myself, that EACH album means a lot to all of us.
From this album, which is your favorite song? Least favorite? (Each must answer)
I can´t answer for Y and M, but I always find it difficult to choose. Evacuate is a definite favorite, but I also have a weakness for Draw the line, which isn´t dance at all:) And I would never disclose which song I liked the least!
From all the venues you have performed so far, what was your favorite and least favorite venue?
I always enjoy playing the large venues, just because its an incredible feeling to stand in front of thousands and thousands of people at a time. So each UK tour is fun and I love big open air shows. The places I don´t enjoy much are when it´s too hot and there´s no air in there- it makes it hard to perform the way you want to, but if the crowd is having fun then we get through it and still have a blast:)
You just released a brand new single for your upcoming album, Pyromania, it has certainly built hype among your fans and general public, what can we expect about this album?
At the moment we´re just writing and collecting songs for a new album that will be released one day- but we don´t have any specific plans about a new album yet….our Evacuate the dancefloor album hasn´t been out long for starters:) A future Album will have similar tracks on there like Evacuate and Pyromania, though.
Now more on a personal level so that your fans can feel a lot closer to you guys, how are your rehearsals on an average day?
We don´t rehearse every day, as mostly we´re on the road. We actually see our show on stage as a rehearsal, because you still learn to deal with new problems and find different solutions. When we do have a new tour or just a new song to rehearse for, then I´ll meet with all my dancers and our choreographer and spend weeks getting it together.
Has there been a funny incident that happened recently that you guys would like to share?
I can´t think of anything recently, but there´re always funny things that happen like falling over on stage or one of dancers bashing his head on the ceiling during a show! A few months ago I was bitten by some strange bug that gave me a huge bump on my forehead, the size of a golfball! Fortunately it shrank in time for our next concert:)
Is there a memorable moment that you guys would like to share?
Winning any sort of an award is always a special moment, because it makes you realize what all the hard work was for. But from a performer´s point of view, overtime you´re on stage and you get that big smile from a fan- that makes all it all worth it anyway:)
Any plans for the year ahead?
Just touring, touring, touring!
If there was one advice you can give your fans, around the world and Pink Magazine readers, what would it be?
Whatever you want to do in life, don´t let anyone tell you it won´t work…stick it out and stay tough, then you might prove them wrong…
Anything else you’d like to share?
I always like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of our fans and everyone reading this.You are the ones that make us carry on and we thank you for all the support over the years! Take care!

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