Desperate Housewives

Written by: Neelam Abbas Khan
This mother’s day brought a bitter-sweet end to the many adventures of the sizzling women of Wisteria Lane. There was desperate drama in the sensational trial of Bree . As always, the girls came out unscathed from the grilling trial and the many, many life changing events that all seemed to be taking place within the last season. Renee’s wedding seemed like an unnecessary celebration; Catherine’s come back as a millionaire entrepreneur also proved pointless. Everyone’s beloved Mrs. Mckluskey dies. And yes, watching Mike Dolphino as one of the Wisteria Lane’s dead was moving, but Edie Brit’s absence from the dead was duly noted.
Desperate Housewives wasn’t reality and this is the very reason why it seemed almost an idyllic, utopian place for women. Long-living friendships, family like neighbors, loves lost and found on the lane, the poker nights of girls made this soap extremely popular among those of us that like fantasy settings. In the end, this idyllic life too, comes to an end. Susan moving out, Lynette’s move to the Big Apple, Gabrielle’s gig on home shopping TV; it looks like everything changes for the better for the girls at Wisteria Lane. I, for one, didn’t like the change. It wasn’t like the lives of these four women. Mary Alice’s suicide explanation left us wating more, we still don’t find out what it was she did that led her neighbor blackmailing her. The finale’s end moment was intriguing, makes one wonder if we’ll see new women on the Lane in future. All in all, one of TV’s most popular shows has come to an end. One wonders what would replace this drama that kept housewives/non-housewives engaged for eight seasons.

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