Changing Trends in Wedding Photography

By Aleena Naghman
Wedding photography is a major component of a wedding. Selecting an appropriate photographer is a growing trend amongst several brides and grooms across Pakistan. The couple to be wed gives significant importance to the selection of the right photographer, who is to release the shutter to craft memories for their future to share with successive generations. Trends in wedding photography in Pakistan have evolved tremendously. A couple of years ago, photographing weddings was restricted to a few rigid studio shoots with pre-planned unnatural poses in dim with little or no implication of emotions, romance and seldom did the show any thematic significance.
However, with time new styles have emerged for wedding photography that includes candid photo journalism and boudoir photography sessions. Bokeh, Holga and Tilt-Shift are the popularly asked for photography effects along with creatively composed scenes with the play of focus. This metamorphosed art of wedding photography is inspired mainly by fashion magazines and movies. The newly recognized vogue centers on creating seemingly natural, utopian images by glamorizing the couple’s elusive expressions, light pranks and the ardent interaction between the bride and the groom. Post processing of wedding photo shoots is a prime constituent in wedding photography which enhances colours and adds special effects according to the mood communicated through a certain picture.
The altered trends in wedding photography were apparently introduced in Pakistan by a renowned wedding photographer named . Besides him, a lot of female photographers have come to the forefront incorporating the new style in their photography. Famous female photographers who are following the evolving trends of photography include , and . Photographing at prominent places with historical significance has also become the norm. Studios are replaced by outdoor natural settings and wedding venues. Pre and post wedding shoots are also given considerable importance unfolding the wedding in a fanciful story line ‘as is’. Nevertheless, social media networking is playing a pivotal role in creating awareness and highlighting this new trend amongst Pakistani masses.

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