The Red Hot Heels

Womanhood is another name for power. Being a woman means extra-ordinary strength and patience .Women face many problems, but with their heads raised high they conquer every single one of them and move forward.

To many women might seem stupid , complicated or even down right selfish. But being a woman actually means strength, Boldness , self-sacrifice, and kindness.It is indeed a rare combination but then again so are women . We are widely renounced for our shopping skills, it is true a woman can dig up a diamond amidst of coals..

But here’s the loop hole.”Their Emotions” . It is rightly said “Never play with a woman’s emotions.. not unless you want to turn up in dark alley bleeding to death.” While emotions are tricky ,compliments are the key to success in womanhood.Women love to feel acknowledged so if you see one around ,go and give her a random compliment and see her reaction.Buttering her up though must require skills.They easily sight a butter-er from a distance, and trust me when I say this they do keep their distance from such. Their emotions are tricky if you are seeing red they are probably sighting yellow. Yep that’s the difference between their emotions and your acknowledgment to them.”It’s okay” “I’m Fine” And a normal smile ALWAYS ALWAYS Means trouble so don’t believe them when they say that.
As men are bullied by their manliness and temper women get carried away by their emotions and feelings.It might take one years to understand how exactly their feelings work.For all you know you’re seeing a perfectly calm face , while inside that perfectly calm face a tornado is waiting to explode. Us women think , act , and feel differently .But in the end you’ll always find a woman more righteous.

To sum it all up, women are empowered , strong , self believing,confident and above all EXCEPTIONALLY EMOTIONAL. Not a single woman can deny that fact.

So their you have it folks! A keen description of a random woman possibly in RED HOT HEELS …

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cupid Mar 31, 2013 at 10:25 am

But, we men, don’t bother all that self confidence, strength, boldness or kindness etc, etc. Those are common traits one looks for in friends, family or even in enemies. When we look at the woman, we are concerned with her beauty, style, physical specifications and above all willingness to flirt. We think in short term while women, being complicated, think long term. We are willing to risk while she is afraid of security and reputation. Women want a hard bargain, delay and keep men engage for longer while the men want to be paid right away, and move. Women is bothered about spiritual while men is concerned with physical (specially with woman on red hot heel)!!!! The west has solved the riddle to some extent with women empowerment. Atleast some of them do think and behave like a man would like them to. In the east or orient, the problem is likely to persist much longer, as societies remain burdened with not only scared and complex women but with social and religious restrictions also. Humanity still has to go a long way before women and men would be able to satiate themselves with each other, without any risks or restrictions.


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